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My style is a unique combination of what I refer to as “abstract reality,” which is a blend of surrealism, realism, and abstract designs that convey feelings and ideas in a whimsical and fantasy-like manner. My goal is to showcase life as if seen through the eyes of a child, innocent and pure. Dream-like creatures are becoming a recurring theme in recent years, representing the unexpected, yet possible. Art is my ultimate expression and my greatest passion!


​Natacha Monnalisa was born on July 23, 1977, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Early in her childhood Natacha showed a great deal of interest in the arts, entering and winning various contests for children. In 1990, she moved to Miami, Florida, and attended the prestigious magnet school program, Design and Architecture. There she studied and excelled in the field of fashion design. Later she completed her BA and MA degrees with high honors from the University of Miami, in South Florida. 


  • MASTERS OF ART, 2008, University of Miami, Miami, FL,

  • STUDY ABROAD: Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina and St, Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia

  • BACHELORS OF ART, 2007, University of Miami, Miami, FL

  • Design and Architecture Magnet School, Fashion Design, 1995


  • Award of Distinction, Gainesville Downtown Art Festival 2019

  • Judges Choice, GFAA Tioga Art Festival 2018

  • Third Place Overall, Inman Park Art Festival 2017

  • Award of Distinction, St. John's River Festival of the Arts 2016

  • Award of Excellence, Mayfaire by-the-Lake Art Festival 2016

  • Third Place Mixed Media 2-d and 3-d, St. Stephen's Art Show 2015

  • Best of Category, Art Under the Stars, the 38th Maitland Art Festival 2014

  • Award of Merit, Tioga Art Festival 2014, Gainesville, FL

  • Award of Excellence, 32nd Annual Downtown Festival and Art Show 2013, Gainesville, FL

  • Judges Choice, Art Festival at Thornebrook 2013, Gainesville, FL

  • Second Place Overall, Spring Arts festival On Ponce 2013, Atlanta, GA

  • Sebastian Ferrero Award, Tioga Art Festival 2013, Gainesville, FL 

  • Best of Show, Melbourne Mainstreet Fall Festival 2012, Melbourne, FL

  • Judges Choice, Art Festival at Thornebrook 2012, Gainesville, FL

  • Art Sponsor Award, Gainesville's 31st Annual Downtown Festival & Art Show 2012, Gainesville, FL

  • Honorable Mention, Thirteenth Annual "Larger Than Life" Art Contest, Miami, FL 


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